mission statement

The mission of the Fitchburg Senior Center Friends (FSCF)  is to respond to the needs of senior persons in the City of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, and to assist with their needs and advocate on their behalf with the Fitchburg Commission on Aging and appropriate service and government agencies.  Also, it furthers this mission during the year by engaging in and sponsoring fund-raising events, with net receipts supporting the non-budgeted financial needs of the Fitchburg Senior Center.

How We Support the Fitchburg Senior Center

The Fitchburg Senior Center Friends has, since 2010 (and long before), through generous donations and fundraising efforts (like the Pancake Breakfast, the Pig Roast, Fall Festival, Eplegaarden Ice Cream Social, Travel Program, and McKee Park Summer Concerts):
• Paid the cost to remodel the Senior Center kitchen including new equipment (sinks, disposals, dishwasher, hot/cold food server), as well as hallway tile flooring, the lounge fireplace, room partition, carpeting, window blinds, coffee cart and trash container, wellness room and washer/dryer, meeting room projectors, and additional kitchen electrical outlets. (2011-2013)
• Purchased a new popcorn machine. (2011)
• Purchased new travel and in-house pianos for the Fitchburg Singers and continue to support their financial needs. (2010-2012)
• Purchased new chairs and tables for the lounge. (2012)
• Paid for the material and donated labor to build and install the large bookshelf and desk unit in the lounge, the wood entry-way planters, and the elevated garden planter. (2012-2013)
• Purchased a sound bar system for the new flat screen TV. (2013)
• Paid for the total cost of installing tinting of lounge windows. (2013)
• Purchaser new dining-room chairs. (2014)
• Paid for Veterans Day meals for veterans and guests. (2010-2015)
• Paid for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals for FSC Seniors. (2010-2015)
• Paid for Special Needs Assistance to Fitchburg Seniors. (2010-2015)
• Support the Fitchburg Senior Center Golf Cart Ride Program. (2014-2015)